OddViews #1 - Q&A with Shaun Williams a.k.a @thenameshaun

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We were so stoked with the successful organization of our very first Lioncity StreetJam 2017. To top it off, we were lucky to have had the opportunity to host Zeidon White, Dylan Ryan, Warick Benyon, Jasper Russell-Dennis and Shaun Williams.

So Oddstash took this opportunity to sit down with some of them for a Q&A on what their thoughts are about the StreetJam, Singapore and some of the frequently asked question by all you guys.

 First up is Shaun Williams. He is currently riding for root industries and is not only a pro scooter rider but an avid video and photographer. You guys should check out the vid he did to summarise the root boys' trip during SJ2017.

Shaun Williams aka @thenameshaun 

How many times have you been to Singapore?
This trip has been my first! But hopefully the first of many.

One sentence to describe your best experience in Singapore. 
As with all Scooter events, being surrounded by people who have the same passion as you, meeting new friends and reconnecting with old.

One sentence to describe the not so pleasant exp while in Singapore. 
The humidity really sucked at points, especially for someone like myself who really enjoys winter time haha. 

Whats your favourite food while you were in Singapore?
Look, not going to lie.... I pretty much survived on all the western foods like McDonald's, Burger King and Subway.... but I had some pretty dope chicken fried rice at one point.

What did u think of Singapore's first street jam?
Damn good! But not the best, as with all things there is room for improvements (but that's a good thing!) this was the first year, so it's only onwards and upwards from here! I know a bunch of the homies are already keen to travel out to the event next year.

What was your favourite riding spot during SJ2017?
I didn't ride myself as I was filming the whole event, but all the spots where A+! Honestly crazy how many spots are in one city.

What was your favorite riding spot in Singapore. 
I'm not sure what to call it... but it was like a kicker/wave thingo about a foot or two wide that you could use as a ramp. Ended up getting a clip on it after only 3 attempts so I have a general love for this spot now haha.

Any thoughts about what should be done to improve the StreetJam experience for 2018?
More rider involvement, BRING THE HYPE! The one thing this street Jam lacked compared to others is the crowd getting crazy and showing their emotions on the day. But that could also come down to the lack of "Pro" riders throwing down at the event. A handful of them is great, but we want a basketful for next year so you can see some crazy sh*t!

Any advise for our local riders who would like to take part in next year's StreetJam?
Just send it.

Will u come back to Singapore and when?
Hell yeah I will! The boys and I are already talking about a possible return in January 2018..... so keep your eyes peeled on that one.

So we have a lot of kids that keeps asking to get sponsored. What does it take to actually become a sponsored rider.
Don't go searching for a sponsorship, let it come to you. There is also a massive difference between being a "Sponsored" rider and a "Professional" rider. Your main goal should be to become a professional at what you do. This doesn't mean being the best at Scooter tricks and throwing crazy bangers, this means involving yourself within the sport. Be a genuine character that sets you apart from the rest, go to events and make friends, hang out with the kids and teach them a thing or two and give back to the sport. If you want to be sponsored by a company you need to make them see the worth in you as a person, not just the tricks you can do.


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