OddViews #4 - Q&A with Warick "Wazzeh" Beynon

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This week, we feature Warick Beynon a.k.a Wazzeh. This homie of ours wears so many hats; Pro/Sponsored Rider with Envy-Blunt, Social Platform Influencer, DJ, Fashion Designer, Soccer Player... we kinda lost count what he is up to after awhile. So we are super psyched to present his Q&A on his thoughts of the Lion City Street Jam and the general scooter scene in Singapore.

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How many times have you been to Singapore?
I’ve been to Singapore like 3 times now, but I’ve stopped at the airport like 50!

One sentence to describe your best experience in Singapore.
Watching so many young Singaporean shredders discover and fall in love with the culture of riding was incredible!

One sentence to describe the not so pleasant exp while in Singapore.
Blood, sweat & 90% humidity!

Favorite food?
In general, Nandos! But in Singapore, I like to mix it up with the locals and try whatever doesn’t look deadly hahaha!

What did u think of Singapore's first Street Jam?
EPIC! For a country with such a small scene it was awesome to see so many people turn out & I’m grateful to have been involved in the first one!

What was your favorite riding spot during the Street Jam?
Definitely the Marina rails, I feel like there’s a bit for everyone there & I’ll definitely be back to get redemption on a trick I couldn’t stick in the jam!

What was your favorite riding spot in Singapore.
To be honest, my favourite thing is the amount of spots in Singapore... There were a lot that I didn’t get to hit that I’d love to come back for!

Any thoughts about what should be done to improve the Street Jam experience for 2018?
We just need more rider involvement and I know that the jam has already inspired a lot of locals, so with that and hopefully a bunch of more international I’m sure that  next year will be sick!

Any advice for our local riders who would like to take part in next year's Street Jam?
The first trick is the hardest, once you try something and get the heart racing all you can hear is the homies getting behind you and the hype is a special feeling!

Will you come back to Singapore and when?
Definitely, I’d love to come back just to film but if not then I hope to be back for the jam next year!

So we have a lot of kids that keeps asking to get sponsored. What does it take to actually become a sponsored rider.
Being sponsored is so much more than being a skilful rider! You need to be a genuine good person, have some sort of personality and be marketable. But don’t make it your only focus to be sponsored, at the end of the day it’s about enjoying what you do!

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