OddViews #2 - Q&A with Jasper Dennis Russell a.k.a @JabbaWolf

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In part 2 of our StreetJam Q&A, we sit with @jabbawolf, sponsored rider with Flavor Scooters.

How many times have you been to Singapore?
This will be my third time visiting [Singapore]
One sentence to describe your best experience in Singapore. 
[Singapore] has the best food and spots in Asia what more could you want? 
One sentence to describe the not so pleasant exp while in Singapore.
When the monsoon decides to hit when you wanna ride
Favorite food?
Gadu Gadu or chicken Rendang 
What did u think of Singapore's first street jam?
Really good turn out can't wait to see how it grows 
What was your favorite riding spot during the StreetJam?
Definitely the wall rides just because it's unique you can't find a spot like that anywhere else
What was your favorite riding spot in Singapore. 
Too many to pick haha
Any thoughts about what should be done to improve the StreetJam experience for 2018?
Kids need to be more confident but I think that will come with more time as the scene becomes more mature
Any advise for our local riders who would like to take part in next year's StreetJam?
Throw down harder don't let the foreigners win all the spots 
Will u come back to Singapore and when?
Soon most likely for a filming mission
So we have a lot of kids that keeps asking to get sponsored. What does it take to actually become a sponsored rider.
50% riding 50% attitude and personality to me you have to have a good style but also be somebody that riders will look up to so having a good attitude is crucial

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