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Its been 5 months since we launched OddStash and we are blessed to be able to continue working hard not only to grow the community here in Singapore, but also regionally!

Take for example the recent Pasig Extreme Sports Festival in Manila, Philippines. OddStash and MGP Action Sports connected with the local scooter community and supported them with sponsored prizes.

Pasig Extreme Sports Festival 2018MGP Freestyle Stunt Scootering Prizes for Pasig Extreme Sports Festival

And then our very own @ShahfiqSlick sat on the panel of judges throughout the event just watching these amazing group of kids throwing it down with the most gnarly scooter setups. WOW!

While all these were happening up in Manila, the OddStash team was working hard to identify potential local Singapore riders we did like to see come up to the world stage of Freestyle Scootering. There were plenty of riders to choose from of course. But we don't just want riders who could wow the crowd with flips, bris and whips! We were on the lookout for riders with good ol attitude. A can do spirit. Someone kids at the skatepark can lookup to.

Welcome @faiz and @jack to the OddStash Fam.

@Jack's current setup includes

  • MGP MFX Juzzy Carter Signature Deck
  • Envy Glow-in-the-dark Hollow Core 110mm Wheels
  • Tilt SCS Clamp
  • Affinity Bars
  • Tilt Fork

@Faiz will be riding the full Ethic setup co-sponsored by Ethic DTC

  • Ethic Iconoclast 12STD Pack running ICS
  • 4 x 60mm Ethic Alu Pegs for 12STD
  • Ethic Sylphe clamps
  • Ethic Deildegast v1.5 67cm High

Check out our store to find these items. Not all of them are in stock now but we are working hard to get them in ASAP.

And to top up it all up, MaddGear Singapore released their latest range of MGP VX8 Scooters. This year, the VX8 range have seen some massive upgrades to their wares. Nylon inserts, 120mm wheels on the VX8 Team, Corrupt Core wheels for the VX8 Pro and the VX8 Nitro is now as light as the VX8 Extreme, you guys better take a look at our range of VX8 scooters before they are all gone.

All-in-all, it has been a busy past couple of months and we did like to thank all you guys for your continued support.


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  • Thanks for the support all the way here in the philippines we all appreciate all the efforts on the event hope to see your team again back here in our country for the next biggest event we are held it yearly “The City Malolos Bike Festival” the event will be held around February next year hope to see your team there

    Jhon Carlo Ocampo on

  • Thank you so much guys for supporting scooter scene in the Philippines you guys rock!!

    jay jerome on

  • I really love Jack’s setup it’s really cool and awesome

    Ben on

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